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The obligation to wear a mask from the age of 12 in the entrance area

of the studio and the wardrobe.

For the dance courses, masks are compulsory from the age of 16. In the Pilates courses, wearing a mask can be waived if there there is enough space. At least 4 m2 per person. The studio MOOV is 90sqm resp. without partition wall 120 sqmlarge.


Wash hands before and after visiting the studio or use disinfectant. I make sure to open the windows even more to ensure good air circulation. Dress warmly!

Please bring your own towel or mat. Aids and mat are disinfected after use. The studio is cleaned even more thoroughly than before.  



Please adhere to the hygiene and distance rules and come into the museum free of symptoms

Training (also applies to the training manager).

Missed lessons can be made up for or given away

immune system

Drink enough, preferably water. Daily exercise and walks in the fresh air.

Eat good, fresh food. Maintain a positive attitude and avoid too many negative, worrying headlines

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